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The Association of Dental Technologists of Ontario has updated its fee guide for 2021/22.

To review their fee guide please click on the link ADTO Fee Guide
Nomination /Election Results for 2022

Nomination Results for 2022 DTABC Board of Directors

We received four complete and valid nomination forms during the nomination period for the Board of Directors for 2022. Since there are four elected positions to be filled, there will be no elections and the four nominees/candidates are elected to the Board by acclamation as per the bylaw 53.1. Bylaw 53.1 states if the number of candidates equals the number of vacant elected director positions on the board, those candidates who have been nominated are deemed to be elected by acclamation and there is no need to proceed with an election.
The four nominees/candidates are:

Roberto Kim, RDT- returning; three year term renewed and begins January 1, 2022
Mohammad Lashgary, RDT- new; three-year term begins January 1, 2022
Olaf Lutz, RDT- returning; three-year term renewed and begins January 1, 2022
Fannie Hsing Fang Wu, RDT- new; three-year term begins January 1, 2022

We will announce the full 2022 Board of Directors in January 2022.

A heartfelt thank you to all our board members, past, present and future, for their time and dedication to the DTABC and the profession.

Current 2021 Board of Directors

Here are your current 2021 Board of Directors. Let them know your concerns and ideas about your profession and any changes you would like to see. The Board has a fiduciary responsibility and sustains the provisions of the Bylaws.

President- Sachiyo Tsunemi, RDT, Artistic Dental Ceramics
Vice President- Dragan Lipovac, RDT, Denstply Sirona
Past President- Olaf Lutz, RDT, Orthotech Dental Lab
Zuzana Houdkova, Dental Tech Assistant, Integral Dental Lab
Roberto Kim, RDT, DigiPros Dental Laboratory
Calvin Moon, RDT, Moon Dental Technology Solutions
James Neuber, RDT, Ocean Ceramics Ltd.
Donald Park, Smile Innovations Group

To see their full bios please click here

To contact any Board member, please e-mail renata@dentaltechniciansofbc.com 

Pacific Dental Conference 2022 Open for Registration

PDC 2022 in-person and virtual component - open for registration

DTABC members in good standing and who have paid their 2022 membership fees can register for free during the early bird registration for the Pacific Dental Conference March 10 to 12, 2022.
The early bird registration runs from November 15, 2021 to January 14, 2022. The virtual component will occur after the in-person event.  Strict COVID protocols will be in place and we encourage you to visit the PDC website for updates as this is an evolving situation. 

For more details click PDC 2022
For updates please visit www.pdconf.com