Liability Insurance - Per Occurrence Insurance is Mandated

Dental Technicians Association of British Columbia has partnered with Cowan Insurance Group to offer you insurance solutions designed specifically for dental technicians that is in adherence to the Bylaw requirement of the Oral Health College of BC.

"Liability insurance for dental technicians 15.04 (1) Dental technician registrants and temporary registrants in the designated health profession of dental technology must be insured against liability arising from an error, omission, or negligent act in the provision of services included in the practice of dental technology in an amount of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence in a form that is satisfactory to the college"

Your association membership includes one of the most comprehensive personal, per occurrence professional liability insurance.

  • The insurance price is based on an per occurrence liability, not a claims-made liability. Per Occurrence-based insurance is more valuable as it will protect you from any claims made from the years you held the policy, even if  its years later and your policy has expired.

Savings of approximately 55% off the cost of professional liability insurance if you purchased it on your own.

You can also opt for business insurance that includes, property, general liability and professional liability insurance for your dental laboratory that makes a seamless fit with your personal professional liability insurance.
Note - we are awaiting updates on the new bylaws to see what if a new type of insurance is required after the amalgamation.

Sigrid Neumann is the DTABC's insurance broker who handles both professional liability business insurance and can be reached at:
1-888-474-7592 ext. 42250     

To learn more specific details about insurance check out our FAQs below. 

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