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Orthodontic Dental Technician

Qualifications and Experience

I am a Registered Dental Technician with The College of Dental Technicians of BC. I specialize in orthodontics and have over 13 years’ full-time work experience in large, challenging practices in Vancouver. I have expertise in the full spectrum of orthodontic appliances and lab procedures. Some examples of appliances that I produce are: twin block, spring loaded twin block, twin block retainer, RPA, quad helix, posterior bite block, anterior bite plate, BLRT straight and wave wire, essixes with modifications, sport guard, IND transfer tray, flipper, Kois deprogrammer, hard TMJ splint, etc.

Preferred Work Location -
I’m seeking a position as a full-time in-house lab dental technician in my area of specialization preferably in Metro Vancouver.

Contact Details - I can be reached at (604) 435-4576. A message can also be left for me at this same number. You can send me an email

Posting Start Date September 30, 2020
Posting End Date May 31, 2021