Dental Lab Equipment and Supplies for Sale

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 Dental Lab Equipment and Supplies for Sale

Description :  After 40 yrs in the business, I have decided to close my dental lab and retire. I have quite a bit of dental lab equipment and supplies.   Please call or email me for a full list.

10” Model Grinder by Whipmix

Whipmix mixer

2 burnout furnaces, 

Dekema Press-ident Ceramic Press Furnace - very lightly used.

Ivoclar 95

Ney Mark III with replacement muffles

Neo Cascom electric 

induction casting Machine - very lightly used as i prefer hand casting

6 Kavo K 10 Handpieces with foot activators

2 Buffalo handpieces and motors

1 Emesco motor

Dozen of Kavo Case trays

6 Vaniman dust separators

6 Kavo vacuum stations

30-50 various sizes of Artimax articulators


Rotary tools for lab handpieces

Unopened zirconia polishers and pre polish wheels and points.

Model Vibrator

Ultra Sonic Cleaner

Contact Details:  Allan, 604-828-7011

Posting Start Date: January 9, 2023
Posting End Date: February 29, 2023