Membership Benefits

The Dental Technicians Association of BC offers the following benefits for its members:

  • Insurance
    • Professional Individual Liability Insurance
    • Lab Insurance
    • Extended Health Insurance
  • Representation of your professional interests and fellowship with your peers
  • Discounts on continuing education courses that are offered by DTABC
  • Free Access to the DTABC Annual Lab Expo and the Pacific Dental Conference during the early bird registration
  • Professional Publications
    • DTABC magazine - Dental Technology Today [in partnership with the Association of Dental Technologists of Ontario]
    • Spectrum Magazine
  • Advocacy and public awareness- the DTABC represents members’ interests to government, professional organizations and raises the profile of the profession to the public. Currently the DTABC is proposing an expanded scope of practice directed by the members as well as increasing educational opportunities.
  • Volunteer and leadership opportunities- Opportunities to participate in the governance process of the DTABC are numerous, whether as a committee member or chair, or in an elected position on the Board of Directors
  • Careers Page - as a member you can post a job or a classified ad for free as well as seek new employment opportunities.