Awards such as the Dental Technicians Association of BC Award show hardworking students that their efforts have not gone unnoticed. They provide financial support as well as encouragement and confidence that the students carry forward from receiving this achievement.

2022 Scholarship Award Recipient

Student name: Alicia Healey

Program: Dental Technology Sciences: Denturist

Alicia is nearing the end of the dental technology sciences program and has enjoyed the journey. She is excited to begin her new career with all of the knowledge she has gained from this program.

Thank you: 
I truly appreciate being chosen to receive this award. VCC has been amazing so far, all of the instructors are passionate and it has been very inspiring to me. Your generous donation is going to help me strive and further embody the ideals that this awards represents. I'm excited for the future!

Thank-you, Alicia Healey