What is the difference between DTABC and The College of Dental Technicians?
Do I have to become a member of DTABC?
Why do we need professional liability insurance?
Can I obtain liability insurance through the DTABC without becoming a member?
Are there different types of liability insurance?
Do I need individual professional liability insurance if I have lab insurance?
Why should I consider getting the optional lab insurance offered through DTABC?
Why do I need to be a part of an association like DTABC?
What do I get for my membership fees?
How can I access the member's only area of the website?
How can I get involved with DTABC?
Are there employment opportunities for RDTS in BC?

What is the difference between the Dental Technicians Association of BC [DTABC] and the College of Dental Technicians of BC?

The Dental Technician Association of BC [DTABC] is a professional member-based group that advocates and supports registered dental technicians in BC. As well the association strives to provide benefits and services for their members. The DTABC also assists its members to adhere to the regulations mandated by the College in many ways including providing affordable professional liability insurance and continuing education credits.

The College of Dental Technicians of BC [CDTBC] is a regulatory body whose primary purpose is to protect the public by regulating dental technology. The College enforce the regulations that the BC government establishes under the Health Professions Act. To be a registered dental technician (RDT), you must be licensed through the College.

Do I have to become a member of DTABC?

Membership is voluntary. Click here to find out about why you should join.

Why do we need liability insurance?

It is required that every RDT has liability insurance in order to maintain their license. Liability insurance protects both the technician and the public. The public has legal recourse in case of an error. And the RDT who made the case can be named in the lawsuit along with the dentist. In an industry that can cross national borders, many lawsuits these days can name everyone associated with it. RDTs need to be financially protected from real or frivolous lawsuits.

Can I obtain liability insurance through the DTA without becoming a member?

No, the liability insurance is a member benefit; it comes with your membership. We get a discounted group rate that is based on our membership numbers.

Are there different types of liability insurance?

There are differences in liability insurance coverage. Simply put, liability insurance can either cover you for the year you are insured and once that year is over you are no longer covered for the professional services that you provided or it can cover the case from the date it was made and into the future. Since most lawsuits will most likely happen down the road we feel it is important that RDTs are protected for the life of the case.

The DTABC has partnered with Cowan Insurance to offer insurance solutions designed specifically for the dental technician. The insurance we offer is occurrence-based insurance- a more valuable and uncomplicated form of insurance as it does respond to claims years later even if your policy has expired.

Another difference is whether the policy provides $1,000,000 for every member or whether it is $1,000,000 for all members to share. We believe that each member should have the $1,000,000 available, plus legal fees, independently from other members. A first come first served claims structure would only benefit the first members to use the $1,000,000 each year.

We feel that we have the best coverage for our members that reflect what will be needed in case of a lawsuit. Of course, there are other providers for liability insurance, just be sure to find out what you are actually covered for and that the advice provided to you is sound.

Do I need individual professional liability insurance if I have insurance for my dental laboratory?

Individual Professional Liability Insurance is a requirement of the College of Dental Technicians of BC. Often professional liability insurance is not included for the individual or the business entity in package policies offered by the insurers who do not focus on businesses that have a malpractice exposure. If it is included, the limit is shared among the entity and all the employees. It is also subject to an annual aggregate limit. Aggregate limit means the sum of all claims that occur in a policy year. The only way that the college is assured that each practicing member of the college has their own dedicated limit is to require proof of individual insurance.

If you are in doubt, please refer to your policy and contact the College.

Why should I consider getting the optional lab insurance offered through the DTABC?

The lab insurance offered is similar to regular business insurance except it has additional coverage that is specific to dental labs, such as precious metals, broad equipment breakdown for electronic and production equipment and employee dishonesty.  As noted previously, the DTABC has partnered with Cowan Insurance Brokers to offer members the best insurance solutions designed specifically for dental technicians.

There are also many home-based labs that are operated by technicians who believe their home insurance policy will cover them in the case of a claim. Although there are many policies out there, home insurers will not pay for losses to business property or resulting from business liability. We recommend using the insurance we offer through Cowan Insurance for a seamless fit with your professional insurance policy and to obtain the best coverage at the most affordable price.

Why do I need to be part of an association, like DTABC?

The DTABC is a professional organization that advocates for and promotes RDTS. We represent our members' best interest to the government, the College of Dental Technicians of BC and other industry stakeholders as well as increase awareness of RDTS to the public.

The DTABC serves as a vibrant resource for ongoing education, group benefits that save you money and represents a strong network of professionals who share your interest.

Currently the DTABC has been directed by members to provide more educational opportunities, expand RDTs scope of practice and finds ways to minimize outsourcing.

The DTABC is also able to provide competitive pricing on such benefits as professional liability insurance, continuing education courses, extended health and dental, merchant credit card discounts, auto and home insurance and others.

What do I get for my membership fees?

We have a whole section on this, so click here to learn more.

How can I access the Member's Only area of the website?

All you need to do is login to the Member's Only Area.  If you have any problems, please contact the office, office@dentaltechniciansofbc.com.

How can I get involved with DTABC?

The DTABC relies on volunteer involvement from its members. There are many ways you can get involved. You can:

  • Run for election or get appointed to the Board of Directors:

    The Board is made up entirely of members. There are six elected directors and the Board can have up to a maximum of five appointed directors.

    As a Director of the Board, you are expected to attend a minimum of four Board meetings a year, including the AGM as well as participate in the occasional emergency or conference call meeting.

  • Join a DTABC committee. Currently there are committees for:

    Scope of Practice

  • Stay in touch with DTABC

    Let us know what you would like to see. We welcome your suggestions.

    The easiest way to be involved is to attend the AGM, read updates sent to you and return surveys sent out.

For more information on getting involved contact Renata Cecconi, renata@dentaltechniciansofbc.com, or call 604 789-4077

Are there employment opportunities for RDTS in BC?

B.C currently has a shortage of skilled dental technicians, particularly in the area of crown and bridge, ceramics, and orthodontics. Individuals with an interest in the profession, or with skills in the field, can also work as assistants while waiting to becoming a dental technician. To provide any dental technician service in BC, you must first register with the College of Dental Technicians of BC [604 742-6561 or toll free 1 855 742-6561]. As an assistant, you will work under the supervision of a dental technician.