Board of Directors

Here are your current 2022 Board of Directors. Let them know your concerns and ideas about your profession and any changes you would like to see. The Board has a fiduciary responsibility and sustains the provisions of the Bylaws and the Society Act. You can download a copy of the Association's New Bylaws April 2019

If you have any questions for the Board of Directors, just email Lih-Fen Young at 

James NeuberPresident: James Neuber, RDT, Ocean Ceramics 
James is a master ceramist that applies his skills toward the art of digital dentistry. He is passionate about changing lives by treating health by executing anything from full mouth rehabilitations to adjustment-free teeth for quadrant dentistry. He loves to teach and advise the profession at all levels of clinicians, labs and suppliers. 

 Vice President:  Olaf Lutz, RDT,  Dental Lab
Olaf has worked in the industry since 1971, most of that in Crown and Bridge. He currently works at OKanagan Dental Ceramics in Peachland, BC, where he is happily doing more digital work every day. He is encouraged by the DTA's lobbying of the Provincial Government as they plan the amalgamation of all the Dental Professional Colleges into a single Dental Health College. 

Sachiyo Tsunemi Headshot 2
Past President: Sachiyo Tsunemi, RDT, Artistic Dental Ceramics
Sachiyo graduated from the Tokyo Dental College of Technology. She is an  RDT and current
ly holds the position of  Manager / Senior Ceramist at Artistic Dental Ceramic Ltd. in Richmond, BC. She has been working in BC for 17 years.  She is interested in building a stronger dental technician community and in raising awareness of dental technology and bringing her passion for the profession to the DTABC Board.


Roberto KimRoberto Kim, RDT, DigiPros Dental Laboratory
Roberto Kim graduated from VCC's Dental Technology Program and is currently a Registered Dental Technician. Having a passion in digital technology, he utilizes digital technology to provide different solutions. During his tenure on the DTABC Board, he would like to see dental technicians do more with an increase in  scope of practice and educate current technicians with new and upcoming technologies.

Mohammad Lashgary, RDT  Kinetic Dental Laboratory

Calvin MoonCalvin Moon, RDT, Moon Dental Technology Solutions
Calvin Moon started his dental technology career working with dentists as a dental assistant in 2002. He later went to George Brown College to study dental technology and graduated in 2008. In 2009 he became an RDT and worked for various labs. He currently owns Moon Dental Technology Solutions. He is passionate about excellent continuing education  for both dental technicians and dental tech assistants and believes that a strong professional association will help address key challenges that face our industry. 

Donald Park Donald Park, Smile Innovations Group
Donald Park is CEO and co-founder of Smile Innovations Group, a privately held investment company which focuses on dental lab acquisition and consolidation. The company is also involved with the development of dental products and services especially emerging technologies and dental related appliances and devices. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from McGill University and has completed numerous business certificate programs from Villanova and the Kellogg School of Business Executive Scholar Program. He looks forward to sharing his expertise in governance and business development to help strengthen the association and the profession.

Will VardaWill Varda, RDT, Anvarda Dental Services

Will Varda RDT is a 2nd generation dental technician with over 23 years of experience.  He owns Anvarda Dental Services in North Vancouver.  A passionate digital dental nerd, you can find him on one of dozens of online forums talking milling, 3d printing, software and surgical planning.  Sometimes he even makes teeth.

Chris Opitz, RDT
Chris Opitz

Get involved and run for election! What does it take to be on the Board of Directors?

  • You must be a DTABC  General Member [RDT] in good standing to stand for election. The DTABC relies on volunteer involvement from its members.
  • This requires participating in a minimum of four Board meetings a year [mainly via video chat], including the AGM
  • Other member categories can be appointed to the Board. 

To get involved on the Board, simply let us know and you will be provided with the necessary information.

Check out the upcoming Board Meetings here.

Members in good standing [see good standing document below] are welcome to attend Board meetings but need to register at least five business days in advance of the meeting. To register please contact Lih-Fen Young at

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