Board of Directors

Here are your current 2020 Board of Directors. Let them know your concerns and ideas about your profession and any changes you would like to see. The Board has a fiduciary responsibility and sustains the provisions of the Bylaws. You can download a copy of the Association's New Bylaws April 2019

If you have any questions for the Board of Directors, just email us at

President: Olaf Lutz, RDT
Vice President: Sachiyo Lei, RDT
John Eggeling, RDT
Zuzana Houdkova, Dental Tech Assistant
Nadja Jakobi, RDT
Roberto Kim, RDT
Dragan Lipovac, RDT
Calvin Moon, RDT
James Neuber, RDT

Get involved and run for election! What does it take to be on the Board of Directors?

  • You must be a DTABC  General Member [RDT] in good standing to stand for election. The DTABC relies on volunteer involvement from its members.
  • This requires attending a minimum of four Board meetings a year, including the AGM as well participating in the occasional video chat/ conference call meeting.
  • Other member categories can be appointed to the Board. 

To get involved on the Board, simply let us know and you will be provided with the necessary information.

Check out the upcoming Board Meetings here.

Members in good standing are welcome to attend Board meetings but need to register at least five business days in advance of the meeting. To register please contact the office at 604 278-6279 or 1 888 495-4566.